This store is a hybrid of hand crafted, fairly traded goods along with a selection of popular mass produced offerings. This hybrid developed from combining items we obtain directly from artisans with items that my customers frequently requested. Lately people kept asking about my website so here it is.

I began this store in 1989 on a blanket under a tree near Ohio State University with a few beaded necklaces. From there, I began to slowly fill up the shop with colorful and shiny things from a network of artisans from around the world that I met along the way. I decided to hit the road and eventually was setting up a booth 30-40 times a year at street fairs, music festivals, and college campuses … even had a pushcart store on High Street in Columbus Ohio for most of the 90s. As the website builds, I will travel with the booth only to a few of my best shows.

Most of the colorful items in this store are unique, hand-made things from indigenous peoples of Guatemala, Pakistan, Perú, Nepal and México and therefore reflect millennia of tribal expression. My pewter pendants are strung on a cord by me; silver rings and earrings are ready to go as is. I want you to have the item seen on the page so I scan each item one at a time. Check back periodically for the growing variety!! Please don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail about your particular requests regarding color, size, or style variation.