From day #1 my passion has been sharing the story behind where the merchandise I sell is from and who the people are who make it. Along the way I have built a network of artisan contacts all over the world. Beginning with the new century I was blessed to meet my future wife Susan. She’s a high school Spanish teacher and loves to travel. This has consequently accelerated the extent of our artisan network!! The combination of her low budget traveling with my one-person-shop keeps overhead to a minimum and our prices lower than most. We deal directly with artisans (when possible) where they live (mostly Mexico and Guatemala) and pay them their asking wholesale price. We have no complicated supply chain, overseas office, or any kind of special assistance program going on. There are plenty of organizations out there already doing assistance programs of various sorts. My focus is providing a streamlined path between artisans and the people who like their stuff.

The stories we have about our travels and folks in our artisan network will take a while to compose … I’ll start by posting some pictures. Please don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail or phone in the meantime for a live conversation about them. As the website grows I plan to keep it an easy to navigate garden of unique splendor … stay tuned!